Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Rubyists To The Rescue

Alright people, I know you are all busy with your Holidays right now, but I want to ask for something really important here. Pretty much everyone who is getting to this blog is a blessed person. I don’t mean blessed in a religious way or just luck. But, all of us make more money than someone. I know a lot of you are like me and live very comfortable, nice lives even in the downturn.

People are always thanking me for Haml and for my other OSS work, and I finally found a good way for people to say thanks. Donate some money to the I.M. Sulzbacher Center. The Center is a really great place that helps less fortunate families get back on their feet. Giving them housing, job training, support, and a helping hand.

We as software developers need to bond together, thank the universe for what we have, and make sure we support people who have lost everything. Even those of us who grew up at country clubs had family in the past who worked blue collar jobs and those people are really exposed to becoming homeless. You get laid off at you job and you have no where to go.

This holiday season, please consider donating.



Dec 31, 2008
Fx said...
Please give a fix, need for work. The key pad sticks on the letter, then it freezes the letter, next ,you can not go to the next letter, it is frozen , then you can not close the applic. then the iphone is frozen and crashes. Thx