Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Readership and my Rails Book

My readership is relatively low. About 1,140 a month (no rss on that). I think its mostly because I rarely post and I cover semi-random topics (books, food, technology, etc). However, the really interesting part about that number, is that in my quest to find my next boyfriend, I’ve met TWO people online in Toronto who knew of me before we met through personals. And, they both have read my blog before.

That 1,140 isn’t a ton, but apparently they really want dates with me.

Speaking of reading, Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional just started its second printing! Looks like we’ve got a hit. The best part is that in the new printing, I’m properly credited this time as “Contributing Author” instead of “Technical Reviewer” which the first printing has. So, if you own the first printing, then hold on to it. It might one day be worth tens of dollars. I can dream, right?

But, you should buy another copy too. Jeff worked hard collecting errata from our readers and I believe almost all of it is fixed in the second printing. Its nearly a “second edition”. So, BUY BUY BUY!


Oct 14, 2007
Dr Nic said...
Units of measurement aside:
That 1,140 isnít a ton...
1000kg = 1 ton. So arguably you have a ton of subscribers... :)
Oct 15, 2007
melissa said...
clearly, you have enough readers to influence people to eat at veritas!! p.s. i read your blog before i knew you.