Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Hampton's Ruby Survey 2008 Results!

Well, i was going to write a whole lot of analysis of the data, but then again, I’m lazy about that kind of stuff. Working on releasing Jabl and Sass is more important.

You can get a nice human-friendly version of the results at http://survey.hamptoncatlin.com!

Also, you can get the data dump here: survey08.yml.gz

A few surprising things. First, more people use jQuery than Prototype. Most Rubyists are agnostic or athiest… only 20% believe in a single god. Most people don’t use Haml. MRI is still the dominant interpreter. And Textmate dominates for editors, but vim beats emacs.


Sep 24, 2008
Gary Haran said...
Gotta correct you in your conclusion here. More people don't use jQuery. They simply said that they preferred it.
Sep 24, 2008
Emmanuel Oga said...
I find it curious that you are interested in religious points of view in such a technical survey (it is a nice touch though... :). May I ask why?
Sep 24, 2008
Wayne said...
I agree with Gary on the use of "preferred". Similarly, there's "What is your preferred Ruby interpreter?". I would find it hard to conclude that more people are using Rubinius than JRuby. Hindsight and everything, but it would have been great to break those questions into two -- "preferred" and "using". Same thing with erb vs haml, ActiveRecord vs Datamapper or sequel. How does Rails' default stack influence decisions as to what library to use?
Oct 8, 2008
cs said...
jQuery is the most used framework, and still couldn't find any usable screencast/text/snippet to integrate with Rails. Any suggestions?
Oct 9, 2008
Zubin said...
I'm surprised that more people don't use Haml... why not already?! If planning future surveys, how about including people's choice of servers (ie mongrel, thin, passenger, apache, nginx etc)... just a thought.
Nov 18, 2008
lowell said...
hey hampton.. the survey results page is down, getting the default tomcat (?!) page right now..
Feb 1, 2009
Harry Seldon said...
Yep the survey page is down. By the way, as I am making a real time polling website in Rails, I kindly invite you to have a look at it if you want to setup a permanent Ruby or Rails survey. An example is here: http://www.thinkosphere.com/poll/mcq_txt/show_time_results/50 It is free in case there is any doubt ;-)
Feb 17, 2009
cbmeeks said...
@cs: Check out http://peepcode.com He has a HAML/SASS screencast ($9) that's awesome. It's more of a non-rails screencast but he does include how to use it with Rails.
Mar 13, 2009
cs said...
@cbmeeks -- thanks! i've got the Railscats jQuery & haml/sass casts ... @hampton catlin the survey page turned into 'shameless self promotion' ... and the data is not available in the internet archive ... couuld ve get somehow the results back? i mean when we took the time to complete the survey we did not really thought we will someday promote something, we wanted to see the results