Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Google Maps and Family History

I like that as I am in my mid-20s, I can already tell what obsessions and hobbies I’ll have even later in life. I think this happens to everyone. For instance, fellow Unspacer and Rubyist Mike Ferrier, has recently been entertain by an ornithology book (bird watching). I told him that his fate is set in the stars, he’s going to be a bird watcher when he retires.

For me, I think its definitely family history that enthralls me. When I was younger, it meant very little to me, but as I’ve gotten to my adult life, I am absolutely interested in family photos and facts and information. I feel much more connected to the people before me. It was the realization that I was those people. It wasn’t me, but parts of the same energy-chain-reaction that created me has lived all over the world. It is like having past lives… but without all the mumbo jumbo!

Anyhow, the point of this post is that someone on one of the far wings of the family tree (connected by the Saylor family) used Google Maps satellite photos to send out an image of a family graveyard he found! The graveyard is circled in blue and the nearby family chapel they had is in blue.

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How weird is it that in modern times my grandmother is utilizing Google Maps to do family history research and email forwarding lets people all over the world know a bit about their past. That’s really cool stuff.