Hampton Lintorn Catlin

Everybody Votes?

This is an essay written by one of my good friends from college about the Nintendo’s Everybody Votes channel on the Wii. Its a pretty interesting looking at a pretty strange little application that NIntendo has cooked up.

What possible purpose could there be in a Wii polling application? Once I played a little with it though, I began to see the genius behind it. By spacing out the polls to one every other day or so, Nintendo ensures that the user plays with the Wii every couple days to check out what the new poll question and to see what one’s results were for predicting the outcome. Each Mii is ranked by its predicting accuracy and told about its “distance from public opinion” and so forth via a snazzy interface. The point is that once Nintendo has users checking the Wii every couple days in order to try the new poll question, see tomorrow’s weather, and read a couple headlines from the AP, users are more likely to think, “Hmm, I guess I should go ahead and get a new game for this thing, since I’m always just fiddling with the channels anyway.”

He goes on to talk about the roles of gender in gaming and the representative numbers shown through statistics made available by Nintendo.

Check it out here, yo.