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City Bus Simulator 2010

When everyone was a kid, we all had dreams. Some of us wanted to be firemen, some of us wanted to be princesses, some of us wanted to be pilots. Personally, I’ve kept the pilot dream alive and have owned myriad different airplane simulation games. You know, being thousands of feet up, going at hundreds of miles an hour… at least I can see something interesting about it.

However, apparently some other people have different dreams. Dreams of one day becoming a bus driver. Hence, we have “City Bus Simulator 2010.” I believe the developers of this originally wanted to be bus drivers, but couldn’t cut it. Therefore, they ended up in game development and yet continued on with their dream to become real life bus drivers.

Don’t get me wrong, being a bus driver is a fine job. It pays ok and it keeps our transport system running. So, good work on that. But, chances are most bus drivers aren’t intensely passionate about their job. I doubt they go home and talk about it for hours on end about their love of different bus routes. Well, maybe the good stories are of the type that any public-facing job would have (aka, crazy people). But, the job itself is pretty… well boring. You drive in a circle. You process tickets. You go home.

Let me quote to you some of the exciting bits of information on the site

The working day of a bus driver can be very entertaining and full of variety. This is where we have set the main focus.

A lively realization of the normal workday full of curious events. And you are in the middle of all this!

With our very first release from the “City Bus Simulator” series we will offer something COMPLETELY new for this genre.

May we introduce:

„Carlos“. A new member of the bus driver team, who just can´t wait to begin his service for the New York Bus Company. You will control your character „Carlos“ via keyboard and mouse. Ego or Third Person view can be selected. „Carlos“ is animated and comes with speech.

I can be Carlos! He is soooooo excited to be a bus driver!

Now, lets look at the feature list!

  1. The 3d cockpit is being simulated realistically with all controls and rotatable view
  2. Animated wipers
  3. Animated wheelchair lift
  4. Kneeling
  5. Lights switchable in complete interior
  6. The player slips into the role of „Carlos“, bus driver in Manhattan
  7. Character is animated and controllable using keyboard and mouse.
  8. Ego- or 3rd person view can be selected; voice output with subtitles (can be switched on/off)
  9. We have the typical Nova RTS Bus in operation as well as a drivable service vehicle.

Ohhhhh!!! Animated wheelchair lifts get me soooooo pumped! I hope it has sound effects for that.

Now, on to the real winner here. Here is an amazing video of what playing the game is like:



Dec 9, 2009
Carl said...
Your page doesn't declare an encoding. :-( Anyway, I don't find this so farfetched. Train simulators have been a consistently selling product in Japan for a decade or so. This is less glamorous, for sure, but not unbelievable. Still, I'd rather be a long haul truck driver, I think.
Jan 27, 2010
t w worth said...
good jod on the video
Apr 29, 2010
C @ B Y said...
Apr 29, 2010
C @ B Y said...
I have a problem? When I installed the 2010 bus simulator requires me seria key and lastname nzn what to do?
Aug 6, 2010
jkjj said...
Aug 17, 2010
decasher said...
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