Hampton Lintorn Catlin

A Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

First of all, sorry for all the angry people out there. I don’t know what’s up with them. I think the iPad is pretty cool and it simplifies the computing experience for those who find traditional computers a bit too complex. I know you can’t say it, but this thing rocks for the PC user parents of the world.

Anyhow, that’s not what this letter is about. Its about the developer stuff. I mean, first off, kudos on putting out the SDK. The masses can now start working on projects and that’s great. You did a really good job getting that out and mentioning us in you keynote.

However, you haven’t succeeded at everything. I have sold about 3 million copies of my various iPhone software. I am not selling as much as EA, but I am definitely one of the top selling app developers out there. Easily in the top 1,000 or so. Everyone in my camp has successful iPhone apps that are live on the iPhone and we are excited to follow you guys into the new device. However, we end up getting screwed on launch day. We have the SDK, but we can’t test our apps on a real device (multitouch, etc) with real speeds and real user experience work.

So, why not allow your top, most loyal developers the ability to buy one a bit early. We’ll even sign another NDA until the official launch. Me and my guys will work our butts off to get something awesome in the store for iPad launch day.

Our development efforts are what have made the iPhone awesome. You built the toy chest and we built the toys.

Don’t just help out EA… look to the medium sized developers too.

-Hampton Catlin.